about Our Services

  • Assistance  with financial "housekeeping"
  • Bonded  and fully insured
  • Rated  A+ by BBB of New Jersey
  • Active member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers 

Daily Money Management

Daily Money Management services such as sorting mail, paying bills, setting up files, resolving insurance claims, balancing checkbooks, budgeting, and assisting with tax preparation can be overwhelming and time-consuming for people unable to perform these tasks for themselves. 

A typical client for a daily money manager would be a widow who is not used to handling finances, and is inundated by insurance claims and bills, or a busy professional or business owner, who is pressed for time.

When You Might Want Help

  • After the death of a family member
  • During periods of illness, or after a hospital stay
  • When you’re being pulled in too many directions
  • If you’re having trouble seeing your checkbook, or  can’t get out of the house
  • When you can’t balance your checkbook and make ends  meet
  • When you’re paying late fees on bills and bank fees for bounced checks
  • When you can’t find anything because appropriate  files haven’t been set up
  • When your family is fighting, and you’re looking for  an independent voice
  • When you have household employees, and don’t know  what taxes to pay or what to withhold
  • When your tax records are disorganized, and you’re not ready for your tax accountant