Relief from Stress 

Stress can result from not dealing with a pile-up of mail,  unpaid bills, 

bills from collection agencies, doctors, and hospitals.

Anxiety disappears when files are set up so that documents  can be easily found, bills are paid, and outstanding insurance claims are   resolved.


Safeguarding of Assets

Assets are preserved by avoiding late payment fees, bank fees from

bounced checks, and from receiving a bad credit report.


With proper budgeting, a client can see where the money is going,

and can save their assets with an appropriate savings/spending plan.


I can ensure that investments are followed, and tasks such as

mailing in stock certificates, if necessary, are taken care of.


Organization of insurance claims aids in keeping track of amounts 

paid to providers of medical services  in order not to over-pay.


 Independent Voice

A trusted CPA can be an independent voice

in family disputes. 

Proper Accounting & Record Keeping

Financial transactions are properly recorded

and files are organized.

Records are retained as long as necessary

and eliminated when possible.


Assurance Services

I can assure that bank reconciliations are done monthly.

Assure that deposits and withdrawals are reflected

properly on the bank statement.


I can act as a “watch dog”  over workers who come to the home, such as home health aides.

Assist in the arrangement for reliable help.